Dog Cast Radio Interview with Culmore Canines

We are proud to have been asked for an interview by Julie Hill of Dog Cast Radio about Culmore Canines Bichon Frise. From the Episode 51 description at their site:

"Matthew and Patricia Culmore breed Bichon Frise dogs, and their highly acclaimed kennel is in California. Some of their recent litter have been ranked top in their State, and in the top three for the whole of America.
Producing high quality dogs with excellent temperaments is a priority at Culmore Canines, and health tests are done as well as well as making sure the puppies get the best start in life they possibly can.
In this interview, Matthew tells us how to recognise a good breeder, and passes on some of the measures he takes to make sure his pups end up in loving homes. We all want a breeder who has put the same effort into breeding a pup that we will put into raising it, and you can hear some wonderful advice about good breeding practices."

To hear the broadcast go to Episode51. Culmore Canines segment is about 38:45 minutes into the broadcast. When you're finished, be sure to fully explore their site and subscribe to the Podcasts through iTunes.

Einstein also has the picture below at their site for this Episode.